Before activation: THE FIRST, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, is to make sure that the system updates are OFF.

Option No. 1 Highly Recommended (manual shutdown)

Also watch the video:


Teams: (pre-press Win + R on the keyboard)

  • services.msc — opens Services
  • gpedit.msc — Opens Group Policy Editor
  • If you have a Home version of Windows (or another one that does not have Group Policy Editor) previously Download the Editor at this link (Click) and install (run from the Administrator).

Option number 2 (shutdown using the program)

  • In case you expect to quickly pass the game, you can disable the Windows Update Service using Updates Disabler v1.5
  • reference number 1reference number 2
  • — The program will help to quickly turn off updates. Also, if necessary, updates can be quickly turned on through it.

Activation completed.

  •  It downloads the game, after we start the game, we get to the menu and immediately exit the game. Activation completed.
  • Next, turn off the Internet completely in any way, and when the Internet is turned off, we start the game through EpicStore. WE PLAY WITH THE INTERNET OFF. It’s important that you don’t leave our account, there auto-login after activation is preserved, that is, you can restart the PC, etc. the next time you start EpicStore, you will always be in our account. Do not enter your account until you complete the game, otherwise everything will go wrong! So far, only such an option to run!

  • When you have played enough, we also exit the game, turn on the Internet, and if necessary, click CLOSE in the tray CLOSE EpicStore, do not confuse with QUIT!

  • IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT that, to get reactivation in the future, memorize or take a screenshot of our account, the LOGIN / NICK is IMPORTANT
  • IF you have any problems, just send us your login and we will solve it.

  • Activation can fail in such cases:
  • 1) If you reinstall Windows! Or if you enter online mode, even accidently.
    2) If you update Windows! DISABLE UPDATES BEFORE THE ACTIVATION (if you’ve done it earlier skip this part)
    3) If you change the components of PC! Even if you just take out your RAM and insert it back. Don’t risk.
    4) Unexpected shutdown of PC, for example, electricity blackouts and other reasons. The probability is small, but it’s possible.

  • We strongly recommend you not to delay playing the game while this activation scheme works, because in the future we can lost an opportunity to play like that.
    The warranty does not apply if the developers in one way or another block (until now there were no such cases) the possibility of activating or launching already activated games or add-ons, regardless of how much time you have played the game, if this happens, COMPLAINTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. For insults, disrespectful behaviour, etc. you get cancellation of all warranties without a refund.

  • When the updates of the game are released (new Patches, new DLCs), the .exe file is updated, so the game needs to be reactivated again, otherwise, the game will not work. Also, Patches, DLCs require downloading, this can take a long time and sometimes it is necessary to leave the Steam / Origin / Uplay / Epic Games client running on your machine (PC) so that everything can be downloaded successfully. Therefore, this procedure is not free. If you try to update it independently without our participation, you will LOSE THE ACTIVATION. This is not our “system” to earn more money from you after you’ve bought the usual activation of the game, this is the feature of offline activations. You always have the choice to play the old version of the game, or to get the latest version + new DLC. We would like this point to be clearly understood, and in the future there would be no complaints against us in deceit, etc. The re-activation price is half the amount of the activation itself at the moment of the failure, and not of the amount that you paid for the first activation. Usually it varies from 75₽  ($1) to 100₽  ($2), no more. Do not delete the folder with the activated game.
  • LINK to pay for the re-activation BUY re-activation

F.A.Q./Manual/WARRANTY/ How not to loose your activation, read below: