How to use autoactivation by ACTIVATOR.STEAM.DN offline activation OLD

— If after a while your authorization fails, use the activator again.

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Important! If the instruction is difficult for you or you do not want to use our activator. You can write to us and get data from your account Login / PASSWORD (works for games that have been released since October 2022) Please note that the account will have Steam Guard, you will need to contact us to get the login code. How good is auto-activation? You do everything yourself without communication with us and expectations. Which option is better for you, choose for yourself. In any case, we are always ready to help you during business hours from 08-00 to 23-00 Moscow time!


After the purchase, you must activate the game within 48 hours!

«This does not mean that you can play only for 48 hours, this is a period of time the ID itself works, you need to download the game, start it and play offline according to the instructions”


IF DURING THE ACTIVATION YOU SEE A MESSAGE At the moment, it is impossible to confirm the fact of buying the game, try again after 24 hours., DO NOT PANIC.


  • This is possible only at the first start. After successful activation, you can start the game in the future at any time without delay!
    4 activations per account per day (Denuvo protection feature) All people activate the game in random time (different Internet speeds and other reasons).
    You just need to wait – activation will appear itself, the error will disappear.
    You just won’t have to wait 24 hours, for example, if yesterday the buyer activated (entered the game) at 19:47, today the activation will appear at 19:48.
    You can not leave the account until you activate the game. Try to run at intervals of 50 minutes to 1 hour.
    If the game does not start within 6 hours, let us know we will try to activate from Team accounter from another account.
    (please do not write everywhere immediately, write where you are comfortable and expect an answer)
    Telegram –
    VK –
    We are in touch from 8:00 to 23:00 Moscow time.

Video instruction:Follow the links to watch the VIDEO


Before activation: 

  • 2) Install Steam2 in any folder on your PC (if you already have Steam installed, then you need to install another Steam in a separate folder, like it’s shown below)

When you launch Steam2 for the first time, a window will show up:  “create an account” or “enter an existing one”. There will be a window with a login \ password fields. Close this window completely.

  • 3) Remove the “read only” mode from the Steam2 folder


Paragraph 2: Instructions on how to activate:

  • 2. RUN DenuvoNet_launcher (as administrator) and enter the ID you’ve received after purchase via Email (if  SmartScreen appears, confirm the launch)


  • close Activator window


And try again!) (In case if your anti malware software will issue warnings about our activator, allow the Steam2 folder as a exception)

  • 3.  Click on the login field, the data will be entered automatically
  • 4. After you’ve log in, go to your library, choose the game you purchased and start the download.
    5. Disabling Steam Cloud:
    It is important that in order not to lose your saves, you need to turn off synchronization with the Steam Cloud for supported applications. In the list of games, click on the game we need RMB → Properties → Steam Cloud. And uncheck it.Let’s accept:
  • 6. When the download will be finished, enter the main menu. You shouldn’t start a NEW GAME (you can go to the settings and play AFTER the activation)
  • 7. Exit the game and press the «Exit» button in Steam

  • 7. Activation complete. Now you’ll always run the file Steamoffline (you can create a shortcut on your desktop). It will launch Steam in offline mode by default!

Well done! You can play!

IMPORTANT!!! Read this manual to the end, it contains the most common problems that you may encounter.

— If, upon entering your account, you receive the message «Your account is currently being used on another computer», you need to close Steam, wait a few minutes and re-enter your account.

— You can also be periodically kicked out of your account and write that «Your account data is outdated» to solve this problem, you need to restart Steam and enter your account password again. If you get kicked out while downloading the game, then you can leave Steam as it is until the game is fully loaded. Once fully loaded, restart Steam.

— If after a while your authorization fails, use the activator again.

  • If you want to use your steam in parallel, this is not a problem. After you have played offline, close our steam, and enter your own as usual.
    After this you can also run Steamoffline without any problems.

Possible problems: At startup  Steamoffline.exe

follow this link

IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT that, to get reactivation in the future, memorize or take a screenshot of our account, the LOGIN / NICK is IMPORTANT


  • Activation can fail in such cases:
  • 1) If you reinstall Windows! Or if you enter online mode, even accidently.
    2) If you update Windows! DISABLE UPDATES BEFORE THE ACTIVATION (if you’ve done it earlier skip this part)
    3) If you change the components of PC! Even if you just take out your RAM and insert it back. Don’t risk.
    4) Unexpected shutdown of PC, for example, electricity blackouts and other reasons. The probability is small, but it’s possible.

  • We strongly recommend you not to delay playing the game while this activation scheme works, because in the future we can lost an opportunity to play like that.
    The warranty does not apply if the developers in one way or another block (until now there were no such cases) the possibility of activating or launching already activated games or add-ons, regardless of how much time you have played the game, if this happens, COMPLAINTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. For insults, disrespectful behaviour, etc. you get cancellation of all warranties without a refund.

  • When the updates of the game are released (new Patches, new DLCs), the .exe file is updated, so the game needs to be reactivated again, otherwise, the game will not work. Also, Patches, DLCs require downloading, this can take a long time and sometimes it is necessary to leave the Steam / Origin / Uplay / Epic Games client running on your machine (PC) so that everything can be downloaded successfully. Therefore, this procedure is not free. If you try to update it independently without our participation, you will LOSE THE ACTIVATION. This is not our “system” to earn more money from you after you’ve bought the usual activation of the game, this is the feature of offline activations. You always have the choice to play the old version of the game, or to get the latest version + new DLC. We would like this point to be clearly understood, and in the future there would be no complaints against us in deceit, etc. The re-activation price is half the amount of the activation itself at the moment of the failure, and not of the amount that you paid for the first activation. Usually it varies from 75₽  ($1) to 100₽  ($2), no more. Do not delete the folder with the activated game.
  • LINK to pay for the re-activation BUY re-activation

F.A.Q./Manual/WARRANTY/How not to loose your activation, read below: