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ORIGIN OFFLINE SELF-ACTIVATION offline activation FIFA 23, FIFA 22, Need for Speed Heat, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

BUY ACTIVATION if you have not bought it is possible here on our website! CLICK


After the purchase, you must activate the game within 24 hours!

«This does not mean that you can play only for 24  hours, this is a period of time the ID itself works, you need to download the game, start it and play offline according to the instructions”



Or press to play, but nothing happens at all!

  • This is possible only at the first start. After successful activation, you can start the game in the future at any time without delay!
    2 activations per account per day (Denuvo protection feature) All people activate the game in random time (different Internet speeds and other reasons).
    You just need to wait – activation will appear itself, the error will disappear.
    You just won’t have to wait 24 hours, for example, if yesterday the buyer activated (entered the game) at 19:47, today the activation will appear at 19:48.
    You can not leave the account until you activate the game. Try to run at intervals of 50 minutes to 1 hour.
    If the game does not start within 6 hours, let us know we will try to activate from Team accounter from another account.
    (please do not write everywhere immediately, write where you are comfortable and expect an answer)
    Chat Skype (correspondence only)
    Telegram –
    VK –
    We are in touch from 8:00 to 23:00 Moscow time.


  • 1. Before activation: The FIRST and most important thing to DO is to make sure that system updates are turned OFF.
  • Follow the link and see how to do it, everything is shown in detail

    2. Download FIFA 23 Origin-Rip (game):) 23_Origin_DN.rar torrent (direct link) or from our tracker  Copy the content of the distribution to the folder with your Origin client C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games (if there is no such folder, create it)

  •  Download FIFA 22 Origin-Rip (game):) torrent (direct link) or from our tracker  Copy the content of the distribution to the folder with your Origin client C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games (if there is no such folder, create it)
  • 3) Open Origin and enter the account with the data received:
    In the client itself, click Library and hover over the game icon and select Game Locations
  • here we indicate the path TO THE FOLDER with the game. Those. if your game is in D: \ Games \ FIFA 20, specify ONLY D: / Games / FIFA 20 (the folder itself)

  • 4) We are waiting for the game files to be checked, it can still download the PATCH, after we go into the game for 10-20 seconds, immediately exit it and in the «Origin» tab — EXIT

Activation is complete!


How to start the game?

  • Download the file Autorun Origin Offline:  reference number 2 we throw in the folder «Origin» and run from it if it asks for data (usually the password asks after activation, and the login will be the one that you entered earlier) — enter those that were issued upon purchase. Each time it starts, it will ask for a password, autosave the password does not work, such a file feature for launching Origin offline.

We start the game, you can play!

Possible problems:

  • 1. If he writes the error “lately too many PCs have turned to the account ..” we cut down the network card \ Internet cable from the PC.
    2. When such a message appears, WITHOUT panic

  • we find the folder with the game and start the game with the FIFA20.exe LABEL. The main thing is not to confuse the startup sequence. We start from the cmd Autorun Origin Offline file and we see such an “if” message then only from the game’s shortcut!

— change of iron (you can not add anything \ pull out), Denuvo remembers the entire config to the smallest detail and with the slightest changes resets the activation.
— recovery \ change \ Windows update \ change user in this client \ any BSOD
— a sharp power outage \ attempt to independently update the game
According to statistics, 99% of activation gatherings are the fault of Windows updates, and of the user himself, who for some reason has not disabled them.
All re-activations are paid, 50% of the current price! Translated by Nyaox

F.A.Q. Manual/FAQ/WARRANTY/ How not to loose you warranty read below:

  • When updating the game (the release of Patches, new DLCs), the .exe file is updated, so you need to reactivate the game, otherwise the game will not work. Also, Patches, DLC require downloading, and this time and sometimes it is necessary to leave the Steam / Origin / Uplay client running on your machine (PC) so that everything can download. Therefore, this procedure is not free. With an independent update without our participation, LOSS OF ACTIVATION 100%. THIS is not our «system» to earn for you after buying the usual activation of the game, THIS is such a feature of offline activations. You always have the choice to play on the old version of the game, or get the latest + DLC new. I wanted this point to be assimilated and in the future there should be no complaints against us in deception, etc. The re-activation price is half the amount of the activation itself at the time of the rally, and not the amount that you pay on the first activation. Usually this is from 75r ($ 1) to 100r ($ 2) no more. Do not delete the folder with the activated game.
  • LINK to pay for the re-activation BUY re-activation

GLHF. We are waiting for new activations! You can leave your Feedback  HERE. We are always pleased to read your feedback!