Turn off Windows Updates

Before activation: THE FIRST, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, is to make sure that the system updates are OFF.

Option No. 1 Highly Recommended (manual shutdown)

Also watch the video:


Teams: (pre-press Win + R on the keyboard)

  • services.msc — opens Services
  • gpedit.msc — Opens Group Policy Editor
  • If you have a Home version of Windows (or another one that does not have Group Policy Editor) previously Download the Editor at this link (Click) and install (run from the Administrator).

Option number 2 (shutdown using the program)

  • In case you expect to quickly pass the game, you can disable the Windows Update Service using Updates Disabler v1.5
  • reference number 1reference number 2
  • — The program will help to quickly turn off updates. Also, if necessary, updates can be quickly turned on through it.